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Mineralogical and geochemical analyses of geomaterials

Geo-Analytics is specialised in the description and analysis of geomaterials.
Our standard methods include light microscopy, x-ray fluorescence, x-ray diffraction and radiation/Radon measurements.

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What are geomaterials?

the term geomaterials includes raw as well as processed materials of geological origin.
These materials include natural stones, sands, clays and minerals, which can be directly used for constuction or to produce construction materials. The produces construction materials include relatively simpe made products like bricks, cement, concrete and roofing tiles.

Geomaterials are available worldwide and are used since man started constructing houses. Hard stones or natural stones like wie granite and sandstone are used to construct buildings, rocks with a perfect cleavage like slate and shists are mainly used as roofing materials and wall claddings. Lime and sanf find their use in the production of cement and concrete, quarrystone and rubble are often used for building roads and railways.

The petrographic examination is a very powerful analytical method to describe and evaluate geomaterials. In general a polarisation microscope (PLM) is used, which offers the possibility to examine thin sections or polished sections of rocks and other solid materials. We analyse the samples with our in-house equipment (polarising microscope, ore microsocope and pXRF) or let the measurements be done by one of our affiliated companies and research institutions, and evaluate the generated data afterwards.

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