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Microscopic analyses are essential for many issues in the context of geomaterials like natural stones, concrete and slate. The mineral identification with a magnifying glass or a stereo microscope is still the first step of many mineralogical studies. The exact description of the mineral composition and the fabric plays an important role. In the laboratory, thinsections or polished samples analysed under a polarization microscope/ore microscope provide additional petrographic information.

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We perform petrographic analyses of geomaterials, such as rocks, ores, minerals, soils or loose rocks, mortars and concrete samples.

We carry on petrographic investigations of

  • thin sections
  • polished sections
  • hand specimen/li>
  • loose rock samples

For hand specimen and loose rock samples we are using stereomicroscopes with a magnification up to 40x.

When the microscopic examination of geomaterials is performed on thin sections, we identify:

  • mineral composition
  • fabric
  • if necessary, degree of weathering
  • quantitative mineralogical composition (modal analysis)
  • on request also a complete petrographic examination according to EN 12407

Depending on the problem, the determination of the fine-crystalline mineral fraction by the use of x-ray diffraction (XRD) may be useful.

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